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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In this one I fix my trucks air conditioner. I actually had to replace the condenser, the clutch plate on the compressor, and I put a slightly different orifice tube in it as well. It is nowhere near stock (the orifice tube) and actually allows you to cool much better than it could before. In case you know nothing about air conditioning, the orifice tube is what allows for the rapid expansion of the freon gas in the system. The condenser was junk with tons of little rocks in it and many fins doubled over not allowing for much air to get through it. The clutch plate was just junk, you can see in the video how "scored" up it was. One other thing I needed to do was take the shim out of it completely. This is something that most non-mechanic types know nothing about, so watch closely and hopefully you might learn someting.

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