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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First day of trying to install Kdenlive on my Macbook Pro. I picked up this video where Mac Ports had just finished installing all of its ports at.
Well, I managed to install Kdenlive on my macbook pro. This is a video I rendered with it here, which features my new light and microphone for my camera.

How we got here

Ok so, having put up with this knowledge for now on close to a month, I have decided to start blogging abt this. Are you aware of the woman named Brooksley Born who tried to warn us abt derivatives and what kind of damage they might cause? And she tried to do all of this in 1998 under the Clinton Whitehouse where she served as the head of the CFTC, a full ten years preceeding the eventual meltdown that has us 'in the worst recession since the great depression'? But she was silenced by Geithner, Summers, Greenspan etal Here you can go learn all abt it at pbs, u know that govt funded agency that the TEA partiers are trying desperately to eliminate.