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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First day of trying to install Kdenlive on my Macbook Pro. I picked up this video where Mac Ports had just finished installing all of its ports at.
Well, I managed to install Kdenlive on my macbook pro. This is a video I rendered with it here, which features my new light and microphone for my camera.

How we got here

Ok so, having put up with this knowledge for now on close to a month, I have decided to start blogging abt this. Are you aware of the woman named Brooksley Born who tried to warn us abt derivatives and what kind of damage they might cause? And she tried to do all of this in 1998 under the Clinton Whitehouse where she served as the head of the CFTC, a full ten years preceeding the eventual meltdown that has us 'in the worst recession since the great depression'? But she was silenced by Geithner, Summers, Greenspan etal Here you can go learn all abt it at pbs, u know that govt funded agency that the TEA partiers are trying desperately to eliminate.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ok, so I know everyone is wondering what happened to me the last few months. Well, it is rather easy to explain. See I have been inside all summer because otherwise I just burn up. I am certain that other people with MS can verify that they too suffer from the same fate. At any rate, my grandfather just got a new car, and now I must help him to fix it up, check it out if you will.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mermet flooding

As the title says, this s a video of Mermet in the recent Ohio river flood. Quite a sight to see.

Metropolis Il flooding

Like the title says, this is just a little commentary of the flooding that is going on right now in Metropolis IL. The town is flooding because the Ohio river is way past flood stage.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Boston Tea Part

You may not believe this, but the actual book that he is reading from was written by a man who was there. Apparently, the Boston Tea Party was not at all about taxes as we have been told all our lives.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Replacing the mirror on my Ford Fucus car

As the title says, I broke the mirror off of my car going through the Linwood car wash. And before you all go crazy about the car wash breaking my mirror off, I must say it was my fault completely, no fault being on the car wash at all.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Oliver 1850 cold start

Just doing a cold start with our Oliver 1850 diesel.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

1999 Powerstroke cold start

Like the title says, I do a cold start on my 1999 Powerstroke pickup.

Cold start of my HD-21B

As the title says, I preform a cold start on my Fiat-Allis HD-21B bulldozer.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to create an air compressor

In this video you can see how I built a 34 cfm aircompressor and mounted it on an LP tank. I have an excess of air after doing this.

How to repair a totaled car

My sister flipped this car across two lanes of the interstate. It should have been totaled but my father couldnt bring himself to do that, so he made me fix it. The only thing on the car that is original is the decklid. Everything else has been replaced. Watch the video and you'll see what I am talking about.

How to fix your a/c clutch on a powerstroke

I show how to fix the clutch on your powertroke air conditioner. I also show how to remove the shim thats in between the end plate and the rest of the clutch.

How to make your powerstroke cool more for abt $2.50

Here I show you how to make your air conditioner cool better by replacing the orifice tube.

Bill Maher

I just could not resist posting this because it makes a lot of sense to me. I'm all for cutting everything that he talked about.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Difference between a good and cheap welder

As the title says this is basically a video that I made about my welders. As you notice from first sight, the miller us a much bigger machine than the hobart.

In this one I fix my trucks air conditioner. I actually had to replace the condenser, the clutch plate on the compressor, and I put a slightly different orifice tube in it as well. It is nowhere near stock (the orifice tube) and actually allows you to cool much better than it could before. In case you know nothing about air conditioning, the orifice tube is what allows for the rapid expansion of the freon gas in the system. The condenser was junk with tons of little rocks in it and many fins doubled over not allowing for much air to get through it. The clutch plate was just junk, you can see in the video how "scored" up it was. One other thing I needed to do was take the shim out of it completely. This is something that most non-mechanic types know nothing about, so watch closely and hopefully you might learn someting.

Repairing the battery charger

Well, apparently I managed to fix my battery charger. What had happened to this charger was that I was actually trying to start my HD-21 bulldozer and had placed this unit on the "boost" setting and the starter switch became stuck. So before I could get off of the bulldozer and shut the charger off, it managed to shuck both diodes. Now if you do not know anything about diodes, whenever a diode fails like this it appears to you as an "open" circuit. A good way to think about them is a one way valve that only allows current to flow in one direction. Believe it or not, this is how they explain them in engineering school. But anyhow, when a diode fails like this you will not get anything to come out of the diode, but you will have ac on the incoming side. Now I will let you watch the video...

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